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White Rhino Wave Dual Herb/Concentrate Vaporizer

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The future of vaping in the palm of your hand. The Wave Vaporizer is capable of vaping dry herb and concentrate independently or simultaneously. When using for dry herbs the Wave features four different temperature settings. When using for concentrates there are four different voltages to power the dual quartz atomizer.



The dry herb button is equipped with 4 temperature settings to choose from, while the concentrate button has 4 different variable voltage outputs.



The docking charger is a cradle base that will eliminate the stripping of the internal charging parts and frayed or split cords.



The Wave Vaporizer features four temperature settings to choose from when using dry herbs.



When using the Wave Vaporizer with concentrates, there are four voltage options for the dual quartz atomizer. The higher the voltage the faster the atomizer heats up.

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